9/3/18 - ROCK BAND Program: SOLRYDER
A SHOUT OUT to the talented kids of SolRyder... they are playing the Battle Of The Bands @ Field Of Screams this Saturday... one of five finalists!! So very proud of them!!! SHOW YOUR SUPPORT this Saturday!!! LIVE music is a struggling artform. SOLRYDER represents the best of  younger generation keeping live music ALIVE, learning throughout the process!

#rockbandprogram #solryderrocks

 7/18/18 - Rod Goelz joins the Kilmaine Saints
"While we are still feeling bummed about Billy’s surgeries, we are excited to once again extend the circle of our Saints family. Stepping up is a great friend and long time fan of the band. Ladies and gentlemen, please say hello and give a warm welcome to Rod Goelz!

Known for his involvement with such diverse bands as Paradise Movement and American Hollar, Rod has the unique distinction of being the only bass player in the NFL as part of Baltimore's Marching Ravens band. Rod is also the co-founder of Groove Jones, Boompop Coalition, and the Rod Goelz Project. He brings with him a wealth of musical experience in mandolin, guitar, bass, and banjo. You may know Rod from his involvement in community music education at Music as Metropolis in Mechanicsburg and Weary Arts Group in York. His ROCK BAND Program offers an experience for people of all ages."

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