Forward movement on the guitar... “there should be a class for that”!!

The Guitar Collective is a monthly guitar seminar dedicated to opening up new possibilities on the guitar. Every lesson will cover a new concept related to guitar performance...content based on the needs of that particular group of people (you and your fellow GC class-mates).

Studies in general music and “guitar” organization, music theory, styles, chording, riffing, shredding, technique... and lots of and application. Because The GC is GROUP INSTRUCTION, lots of learning with be achieved with “real time” application—concepts discussed can be applied right away.

The Guitar Collective is also meeting up with like-minded people who strive to become better players JUST LIKE YOU DO!! Learn from others by learning to play with others... both rhythm (accompaniment) an lead (melody) will be given equal attention....acoustic, electric....a smorgasbord of styles,

What do you want to learn?

Fall classes are forming now! Please call to register or find out additional information.
Music at Metropolis

17 West Main Street, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055