Read It: No More Excuses
Paperback – April 20, 2014 by Mr. Rod Goelz (Author)

"A 'HOW TO READ' method for the rest of us..."

Are you a first time reader? Are you a bass player who's been playing for years, who's never learned to read? Are you a bass teacher looking for reading book that will not only not bore your students, but also uplift them to many different styles of music, and the lessons therein!

The idea was simple...give the bass community a book that makes it fun to learn how to read music… in doing so, they will learn to read music. No nursery rhymes, no folk melodies adapted for electric bass… the real stuff… in the style of REAL players.

No more reading methods that are older than your parents—methods that never witnessed James Brown, The Beatles. Woodstock, Punk Rock. It’s a brand new age!

Join the READ IT community of players and teachers who have benefited from the READ IT philosophy of combining REAL MUSIC (ROCK, PUNK, BLUEGRASS, FUNK, R&B, GRUNGE, LATIN, JAZZ, COUNTRY, etc.) with the task of learning a new written language...creating sounds to be excited about!!! In this community, bass teachers from around the world are encouraged to share their methods of combining READ IT with transcriptions and other activities that they use to engage their students, say goodbye to tablature forever! Learning to read music can be fun, musically relevant, and engaging! READ IT!!!


QuickStart Guitar by Rod Goelz

The old method of teaching with "note reading" and "nursery rhymes" is an outdated model. This method was created over the course of the past twenty years through private lessons, classes, workshops and summer camps. The goal is simple. Get the student playing music in the most direct way.

Mr. Goelz uses the concept of "Groove" as his main musical tool to build musicianship. All musical disciplines can be made easier and more fun once the sense of groove has been established. QuickStart Guitar makes the use of groove in a variety of different styles from beginner to intermediate, including Rock and Roll, Punk, Folk, Country, Grunge, Heavy Metal, Blues, Motown and Pop. 

Classic and contemporary influences ranging from Bo Diddley and Chuck Berry, to Kurt Cobain and Imagine Dragons....and all points in between, acoustic and electric. THIS IS NOT YOUR GRANDPA'S GUITAR METHOD!

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